12 km from the campsite, an inland resort town

 Nuit Vénitienne: a whimsical fireworks show accompanied by music, Saturday July 1. Fireworks you will remember – Ferrières District Jardin de la Rode

• Festival de Martigues: music from around the world, folklore and traditions, street performers, concerts, dances; come meet dancers from all over the world – in July –

 Sardinades: Sardine tastings every evening in July and August (variety of dishes), mussels and fries – Ferrières District – Place des Aires

• Traditional Markets: every Thursday and Sunday morning – Ile and Jonquières Districts

• Night Craft Markets: every Wednesday – Jonquières District

• Thonade: in August during the top week of fishing season, catch weighed as soon as the boats arrive at the square in front of town hall, tuna tasting in the evening

• Provençal Water Jousting: in July and August, come see this traditional Provençal sport: two jousters battle from boats, each trying to knock the other over with their lance and shield. A must-see when you visit our region!

• Park Figuerolles: Free access to this 130 hectare park, perfect for relaxing with your family – Horseback riding area – Many walking and mountain biking trails – Picnic area – not to mention the town farm with 300 animals and definitely don’t miss the Indian Forest ropes course –

• La Venise Provençale Cooperative Vineyard in Saint-Julien les Martigues (10 min):  Vineyard classified as Appellation Origine Protégée for the Côteaux d’Aix en Provence wine. 110 passionate winegrowers share the 200 hectares of vineyards. 2 silver medals at the Concours Général Agricole in 2016. Direct sales at the wine cellar

• Additional information: Martigues Tourist Office: